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About Dynalytics
Dynalytics’ Background

Established in 1969, Dynalytics Corp. had 51 years of domestic and international experience with the economic, regulatory, engineering and environmental issues of major industrial facilities.

The company has provided strategic, financial and technical expertise for projects in the not-for-profit, the governmental, and the private for-profit sectors. Dynalytics Corp. has had the roles of both consultant to others and equity-owner itself. It, therefore, has the experience needed to properly balance the desires of owners, governmental agencies, and the debt and equity sectors of the financial community.

Dynalytics Today

Dynalytics Corp. has an extensive United States and international consulting practice, focused on industrial facilities in the chemical, refining and energy sectors. Experience includes preparation and evaluation of feasibility studies, front-end engineering design of hydrogen, synthesis gas, inert-gas and cogeneration plants, and obtaining permits and licenses to construct and operate major facilities, including forty-six major power plants in sixteen different countries.

Dynalytics has repeatedly demonstrated its:

  • ability to assess and recommend responses and initiatives to companies facing complex strategic issues arising in an increasingly integrated world-wide economy
  • in-depth understanding of economics as its effectively balances costs and benefits within regulatory and technical constraints, leading to economically optimized front-end engineering designs of a variety of petrochemical, refining, power and cogeneration plants
  • ability to properly evaluate and apply appropriate technologies, and incorporate them into both Proposals and Requests for Proposals
  • ability to evaluate plant performance with respect to economics, operations, inspection and maintenance, and the safety requirements of governmental agencies
  • effectiveness in developing, negotiating and implementing environmental middle grounds that can be accepted by the governmental regulatory community and by facility owner/operators
Sectors Served

  • Industrial Process Plant and Facility Operators
  • Power and Chemical Project Developers
  • Municipalities
  • Lenders, Investors and Attorneys Desiring Technical Assistance

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