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Herbert W. Cooper, Eng. Sc. D., President

Dr. Herbert W. Cooper has more than 50 years of United States and international experience working at the intersection of economics, technology and regulatory requirements. This includes the applications and production of advanced materials, thermal coatings, steels, hydrogen and synthesis gas, asphalt, petrochemicals, as well as oil refining, independent power production and other industrial operations. His expertise includes numerous applications of statistical- and probability-based approaches to optimizing the efficiency and economic performance of these facilities during their process- and mechanical-design, construction and operational phases. Technological, environmental, health and safety, and regulatory constraints are included in Dynalytics’ optimizations to help assure that the facilities could be operated in the sustainable manner required in today’s world.
As Founder and President of Dynalytics Corp. since 1969, Dr. Cooper has been intimately involved in all aspects of development and design of multimillion-dollar projects. Dynalytics Corp . is a small, highly regarded, independent consulting company, whose clients include major engineering firms, equipment vendors, oil & chemical, and aerospace companies.

Patents were granted to Dr. Cooper for a new “Pyrolysis Process” (US 3711568) for producing petrochemicals, for “Tube Fins of Outwardly Organized Materials” (US 3731738) for transferring heat efficiently and economically, and for a “Gas Energizing Apparatus” (US 4090960) that produces ozone for water treatment efficiently and economically.

Dr. Cooper has dealt extensively with governmental agencies and the financial community, representing clients before commercial banks and multilateral entities such as The World Bank Group and The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as well as State Departments of Environmental Conservation, and assisting law firms with matters before Local Planning and Zoning Boards.
Under Dr. Cooper’s guidance Dynalytics' successfully established several international joint ventures, participating in them as an equity owner and as managing partner. The experiences of negotiating with senior staff of major transnational companies and high-level government officials of many countries have provided him with keen insight into overcoming environmental, technical, and social challenges in the multi-cultural global arena.

Dr. Cooper received his BChE (1958) and MChE (1961) degrees from the City College of the City University of New York. After several years of industrial experience he obtained a Doctorate in Engineering Science (1967) from Columbia University , where he specialized in thermodynamics.

In addition to his industrial activities, Dr. Cooper is an active member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, having been the Chair of the Metro New York Section. In this capacity he had provided leadership for the Section, including its program planning and outreach activities.

Previously, he had been an active member of the National Fire Protection Association, having served as Chair of its Physical and Chemical Data Consistency Advisory Committee. He has taught graduate chemical engineering courses in process design, equipment design and thermodynamics at Columbia University and at Polytechnic University of New York, and been an active member of the Energy Committee of various institutions such as the 110/Action Group and the Long Island Association, and been appointed to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Emission Offsets, Banking and Trading Advisory Committee.

Dr. Cooper has served his community as a publicly elected trustee and had been President of the Jericho , NY , Public Library for many years.

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