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Dynalytics Corp. has had major responsibilities for providing strategic analysis, due-diligence assistance, and evaluating or providing technically viable, financially optimum, and environmentally acceptable operating regimes and/or designs for numerous technology-based projects. The common thread throughout Dynalytics’ achievements is its integration of economics, environmental and other regulatory constraints, together with process and operating requirements into a comprehensive approach. Representative projects include the following.
An Asian conglomerate had commenced negotiations to acquire a highly regarded United States producer of carbon nanotubes.

Dynalytics was retained to provide technical expertise to the acquirer’s Due Diligence Team, with responsibilities for evaluating:
  • The carbon nanotube production process
  • Potential process improvements
  • Production quality control practices
  • Environmental permitting, health and safety issues
  • Potential product improvements
  • Scaleup problems that may arise
Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is frequently approached by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) that wish to propose designing, financing, constructing and operating a cogeneration plant at its Upton, NY, site. BNL retained Dynalytics Corp. to advise it as to whether or not it makes strategic, economic, and technical sense to invest the time and effort necessary to prepare a detailed Request for Proposals, manage the bidding process, and evaluate the responses. Dynalytics’ assessment included considerations of the financial community’s current expectations, projected economic scenarios for the IPP and for BNL, fuel supply, reliability, regulatory and environmental issues. An extensive discussion of the many contractual documents whose terms would have to be negotiated was also provided.

A major Chinese / European Joint Venture became embroiled in a dispute with its international Engineering-Procurement-Construction contractor about responsibilities for deficient process performance (capacity, product purities and utility consumption) as well as construction-related matters for its Synthesis Gas Plant. This facility provides the hydrogen, carbon monoxide and oxogas feedstocks for several downstream plants that comprise a large integrated chemical complex in China. Dynalytics Corp. was retained to join the Joint Venture’s Arbitration Team, and assigned responsibilities for analyzing the technical and economic issues related to process design and performance, and providing assistance with framing claims and responding to counterclaims. Based, in part, on input from Dynalytics Corp. the dispute ended with a negotiated settlement.

Maquarie Infrastructure Company entered into an agreement to purchase The Gas Company [of Hawaii] LLC from K1 Ventures Limited. Dynalytics Corp. was part of the Black & Veatch due-diligence team for this $238 million transaction, with specific responsibilities for evaluating the Synthetic Natural Gas Plant. Dynalytics' Scope-of-Work included an assessment of the:

  • technology used;
  • potential process improvements;
  • plant’s operation, reliability, and maintenance practices;
  • adequacy of staffing levels and skills;
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Front-end engineering design and economic optimization has been provided for numerous hydrogen and synthesis gas facilities, including the 20 million standard cubic feet per day hydrogen plant at the Pacific Resources refinery in Hawaii, the 50 million standard cubic feet per day of high-temperature reducing-gas (hydrogen + carbon monoxide) production facility used in iron ore reduction reactors at the Hylsa plant at Monterrey, Mexico, and an inert gas (argon + nitrogen) production/purification facility for Waldymetal Femszorasi Rt., Budapest, Hungary. Technical and financial responsibilities for these projects included:

  • supervision of process and detailed engineering activities, selection of catalysts for intermediate and final product production and purification;
  • supervision of procurement and construction activities to assure that budgetary and timetable constraints were being met;
  • plant startup and performance testing to demonstrate that requirements for product purity, plant capacity and overall process efficiency for conversion of feedstocks to products were being met.

Dynalytics’ environmental responsibilities have included acquiring and assessing environmental data, development and implementation of sound approaches to obtaining environmental and other permits required for construction and operation of many large industrial facilities. These range from chemical plants to utility plants for a variety of corporations, hospitals and municipalities. Assessments of current and legacy issues of health and safety performance of industrial facilities, including investigations of compliance history, accident, lost time and illness records, insurance claims have been carried out as part of due-diligence required for acquiring industrial projects.

Environmental, health and safety services have been provided to thirty major United States and multinational Independent Power Project developers, engineering-procurement-construction firms, equipment vendors, oil & chemical, and aerospace companies, for fifty-seven major projects in twenty different countries.

Within the United States: managing the initial cogeneration system design and the feasibility/financeability studies for Northrop Grumman, and then handled environmental matters, including environmental data acquisition and assessment, Permitting and Licensing for the joint venture that led to installation of the 49-megawatt ($53 million) cogeneration plant at Northrop Grumman, Bethpage, NY. This facility produces steam and electricity for Northrop Grumman's consumption, with any excess being sold to the local utility company. Dynalytics led similar activities for many other projects, such as the 41 megawatt ($79 million) facility installed at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY, and the 107 megawatt ($120 million) plant that produces utilities at John F. Kennedy International Airport, NY. Similar projects were undertaken for many other power plant developers in the United States.

Outside of the United States: managing all environmental matters, including environmental data acquisition and assessment, ascertaining regulatory requirements and preparing applications for permitting numerous, large ($>$100 million) power plants throughout the world. These include the 484 megawatt plant at the Petrobras Refinery in Salvador, Brazil, the 450 megawatt plants at Rosarito and Monterrey, Mexico, the 750 megawatt heavy-oil based power plant at Barranquilla, Columbia, and the 1,356 megawatt coal-fired power plant at Jorf Lasfar, Morocco. Similar large and complex environmental assignments were completed for many major international companies.

The U.S. Department of Justice retained Dynalytics Corp. to perform an independent retrospective BACT analysis and provide a detailed analysis of others’ reports in connection with the federal government’s suit against certain mid-western coal-fired power plants. Material, opinions and advice were incorporated in United States of America v. Illinois Power Company.

Dynalytics Corp. has co-directed (with ABB Energy Ventures) a six month feasibility/financeability study of a proposed 150 megawatt cogeneration plant fueled partially with coke-oven off-gas, proposed for the USX Coke Facility at Clairton, PA. The major hurdles were the operational and environmental constraints arising from handling and converting coal to coke in technically and economically acceptable manner. Detailed studies of 56 scenarios of simultaneous coke and steel production were performed.

Dynalytics Corp. prepared the NOx Compliance Plan for the Village of Rockville Centre submit to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The Village operates a 33.5 megawatt power plant that uses eight diesel engines, of differing capacities, efficiencies and NOx emission rates that depend on the fuel being used and the unit’s output. The Plan provides an economical method of operating the Village’s plant while meeting the State’s new emission limitations as well as various constraints on fuel gas and electric capacity, and mechanical operations.

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